Liquid Loans

CCSL Liquid Loans are Same Day Loans which allows you to be your own banker.

The CCSL Liquid Loan is a product that offers individuals and corporations the opportunity to finance the purchase of the goods and services needed to operate a business; bridge-financing for mortgages or meet any other financial goal.

Who Can Benefit

  • Investors/Companies in need of short term financing
  • Investors/Companies who want to borrow funds at a low interest rate

What it Offers

  • Low and competitive Interest Rates
  • Short Term Financing  
  • Fast turn around time-within the same day!
  • Flexible re-payment options available

How It Works

  • Borrow against your own investment.  You may borrow up to 90% of your cash investments and 80% of the value of your bonds.
  • Get competitive rates on loans while earning competitive rates on your investments.